Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Thesis Timeline

Hello Professor(s) and probably Katie,

So, I'm sure we've all come to the conclusion that I'm just a wee bit late starting my thesis research. There are reasons for this, the predominate one being that between work at CIS and practicing those time-honoured yet time-consuming non-optional activities (read: eating and sleeping), I just didn't have the time or space in my heart to really get started. No more! It starts today. Thesis is now.

I have 6 and a half months. Here is the plan and associated timeline. Please note that this timeline is very generous--I hope to complete things in much less time than estimated here:

January 17th to February 14th: Essential literature review
          I will begin to read academic papers and research associated with my research. For each item read, I will publish a summary with commentary on this blog. Please suggest any relevant work that may be of help.

          Current Reading List (more to be added tomorrow):

  • Beginning with Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader, with specific focus on Heather Ford's piece "The Missing Wikipedians"

February 14th to February 28th: Exploration of possible research and data-gathering methodologies

February 28th to March 14th: Writing and submission of Research Proposal

March 14th onwards: Awaiting approval/disapproval, and hopefully beginning my research

Looking forwards to making headway into my research!


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  1. Glad to see this started. Look forward to following your progress.